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A day of ferries

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So it’s the Day before Tomorrow then, our final night on The Great Tour where we’ll be waking up and pedalling again the next day. This time tomorrow night we’ll be enjoying our buffet reception in Seaton thanks to Waitrose, and looking forward to the delights of the Seaton Carnival.

For our penultimate day riders from Waitrose and Tesco joined us, a good bunch and very friendly and enthusiastic they were, so a great crowd to spend the day with. Even though the day was only just over 71 kilometres we still didn’t finish until well after 6pm, mainly thanks to the number of ferries we had to take to cross the many river and estuaries of the South Hams.

The day started off with an early ride out of Cornwall and across Plymouth Sound into Devon. We rode around the seafront beneath the Hooe and past Tinside Lido and round to Sutton Harbour, past the famous Mayflower Steps and the stunning aquarium.

It was then on into the beautiful South Hams, where we took morning tea with a fine selection of donuts with morning tea. Lunch came at Thurlestone, just after Bigbury. After sitting outside the village hall and eating lunch, we were invited inside for a homemade cream tea, which was every bit as good as you’d expect! The lady there responsible for the baking says she has baked over 500 scones so far this year, as apparently the cream teas are a regular occasion, and we can heartily recommend them.

On from lunch we dropped into Salcombe and across the Kingsbridge Estuary by ferry. It was a very small ferry though, so it took several crossings to get as over to the other bank. A brief flatter section led us from Torcross alongside Slapton Sands, and past the D-Day monument, as the beach here on Start Bay played a key role in the rehearsals for the landings.

Tonight’s accommodation also has a distinct naval theme, as we’re at the Britannia Royal Naval College up above Dartmouth, and had dinner in the very nice Officer’s Mess, a fine way to prepare for Day 64 and the final 91 kilometres of The Great Tour. 6,509 kilometres down, just the 91 to go!

Posted by Graeme